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“The Lunar Grid will provide all actors across the lunar surface with a continuous power supply. By setting up an efficient and agile power distribution network, we will be able to deliver electrical energy at minimal cost and open up a whole new lunar era.

Hence, The Lunar Grid powers the lunar economy.”

Jan Van Baelen (founder & CEO)

Our core values


The Lunar Grid understands the potential of our closest neighbouring celestial body, namely the moon, in the human quest to explore space. Moreover, we believe in a prosperous lunar economy that will include multiple settlements on the moon, orbital stations and a fleet of surface exploration and extraction vehicles. The moon is humanity’s stepping stone to conquer gravity and expand into our solar system.


With a thriving lunar economy emerging in the current decade, there will be a need for an extensive infrastructural network to develop and interconnect the cislunar space with earth. Regular flights will need a dedicated launchpad, robotic vehicles will require charging and humans visiting the surface will demand shelter from the harsh environment.


The Lunar Grid is dedicated to build up this infrastructure and shape the lunar economy. With a full electrical power distribution network, we will connect the whole surface of the moon and deliver all actors with a continuous power supply. This will enable a more efficient way of power generation and allow for remote operations with much lighter, faster and more sophisticated surface vehicles, both for exploration and resource extraction.